King of Gunner

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Its a new + updated action game. A popular game which is definitely recommended for you The hothead gangsters are dominating over the major part of the wealth in the city and openly demonstrating their criminal skills and their power due to political influence is mind storming. It has become a city of criminalities where is law is superior for poor and richest makes the law. Now when infrastructure has been destroyed, its a time to reconstruct it. A special unit has been brought consist of veterans, served their country on every border and still strong enough to stand up for the sovereignty. A top skilled warrior has been chosen for this special task. His duty will be to hit hard and strike on enemys stronghold. Get intelligence on the connections between the drug dealers, politicians and terrorist and act accordingly. Agent James is ready for this operation called “Bond”. The MI16 agent will be dropped from air to enemys base while they will be buy in their coin party and from that moment he will be on his own, having enough modern weapons to defend and make an offensive counter attack on enemies. The operation dust off will not be a piece of cake or candy. Their global roots are strong enough to face and fight and give a tough time to their opponents. The Terrorists are equipped with latest Weapons, Heavy Tanks and Apache Helicopters. AK47 is just a normal weapon for them. Show your valuable anti-criminal skills in this Gangster Game to become the Boss Almighty of the Nation. Just become a hero to crush the well organized under world gangs and come back unkilled Features: - Unlimited Challenging Missions & Stages - Real Crime City 3d Effects - Mini Gun to eliminate waves of enemies - Intuitive gameplay: - Use RPG to hunt down helicopters - Amazing Animations PS. We work dead hard to ensure that our games run properly on every major android phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesnt let you enjoy our fantastic games, please report it to

king of thieves