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Caterpillage features 2 Epic Game Modes: Battles and Campaign Battles: Fight other players online in a multiplayer spectacle in the Battles gamemode. -Fast paced fights -Spawn in your own army -Fight for resources -Develop strategies to defeat your opponent -1v1 matches -Global rankings and leaderboards -Reach rank 1 In Battles, you face an enemy caterpillar in a fight to the death. Soldiers, tanks, Helipigs and Generals have come to your aid Spawn in allied units to help you take down your opponent. But beware: your enemy will have their own army to counter. Craft strategies to defeat stronger and stronger enemies as you climb towards the top of the global leaderboards. Gain or lose trophies after each battle to know who is the most powerful caterpillar. Campaign: Become an awesome giant planet destroying Space Caterpillar by eating everything that crosses your path Unleash chaos and destruction as the planets of the galaxy attempt to stop you Grow and upgrade your caterpillar to take on the most challenging foes in the galaxy and the universe Become a (not so) beautiful butterfly Discover strategies offline to defeat unique enemies as you jump, snake, slither, worm, and pillage your way through the galaxy. Caterpillage is a crazy blend of Action, Platformer, Simulation and Sandbox games. Featuring a 100% destructible environment and a custom physics engine, become the super death worm that you were meant to be Send planets into chaos as you tunnel and dig underneath only to burst out and rain acid spit onto the enemies below.

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