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Spigot Servers


In this server you will start with a chest of minor materials and a small floating island. You must use the materials to farm and build your land into a massive world. Create sugarcane farms and complete challenges to make extra money for your Skyblock island.

Modded Servers

Tekkit Legends:

Create massive factories and become the richest entrepreneur on the server. There are custom plugins and ranks that give you access to more items and worlds. You can build IC Machine factories to make more money for items and ranks.

WW2 Server:

Join the side of the Axis or Allies and enlist in the army of either Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Japan, the United States, or Russia. This server features the actual globe as the world and can be viewed using our dynmap link available on the server. There are tanks, vehicles, aircraft, ships, guns, and more!