Month: November 2018

2018 Headlines in the Auto Industry

2018 has been one great ride for the auto industry. Lots of things happened, and so far the year will close with some great advancements regarding automobiles. While we are very excited to know what 2019 has in store for us, it is just important to put into retrospect what 2018 has brought us when […]

Should You Buy an Electric Car?

The electric car’s popularity has been on the rise these past few years thanks to the bold (and sometimes outrageous) claims of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk that the future of the automotive industry is in the use of electric-powered vehicles such as the company’s own Tesla Model line of EVs. To be fair, there are […]

Watch Out for These Things When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can save you money especially if you get a good deal from your dealer. Of course, a car with a few mileage in it will cost way less than a vehicle that just got out of a dealership. While you will definitely save big time, there are things that you need […]