Adventure Robot Addon MCPE mod

Aloha Entertainment



Are you looking for a new robot in your adventures, which could protect your survival, and make your adventure more fun, and just looks modern. If you are tired of robots that look more like an old washing machine or a dishwasher that can not even walk silently and can not protect your survival. And you want the robot to be a real iron helper who would accompany you during all your adventures on Minecraft, then download the Adventure Robot Addon right now!Just look at its features, and you'll immediately click the "DOWNLOAD" buttonFirst, it replaces the straySecondly, has great health: 250 heartsThirdly, always protect you from all monsters and mobs of Minecraft horror Fourthly, he shoots fireballs or missilesFifth, he is fire-resistantAnd finally, just turn on the sound louder and you'll understand everything. The sounds will take you to another reality in MCPE!To create a robot in this MCPE mod, you just need to create a stray, or find it. The robot in this MCPE mod will not cause you any harm, but will only protect you from the mobs of horrors. Just go to him and press "Ride". Now your unforgettable adventures on the sandbox begin!DISCLAIMERWe using trademark Minecraft Pocket Edition from permission Mojang. We are thirdparty developers. Mojang AB registered this. We a guided by a policy using -

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