How To Maintain A Motorcycle

A motorcycle like any other machine needs proper care and maintenance to provide you with both long lasting and best service. Proper care for your motorcycle requires knowledge, time and a set of motorcycle tools. To have a smooth ride like Subway Surfers, you need to know the best ways to do it.

Below is how to maintain a motorcycle.

Change the brake fluid

Brakes are very important as they enable the rider to slow and stop the motorcycle. Brakes require clean brake fluid in order to run well. Used brake fluid leads to corrosion of the engine and also compromises the performance of the brakes.

To ensure the brakes perform smoothly, you need to change the fluid. Start by draining the used brake fluid from the rear brakes. You can use an empty plastic container for this. After you have completely drained out the old brake fluid, you can inspect to ensure all the fluid has been removed. To do so, you need to use a screwdriver. Fill up with the new brake fluid after inspecting.

For the front brakes, you need to start by loosening the throttle housing in order to access the brake tank. Once you have access to the reservoir, repeat the above process.


Perform a motorcycle chain cleaning process

A motorcycle chain acts as the bridge between the engine and the rear wheel allowing the motorcycle to move forward or backward when required. Due to frequent use, dirt may attach itself to the chain which may dirty your pants as you ride.

To clean the chain effectively, you need a brush, degreaser, and lubricant. Immerse the brush in the degreaser and proceed to wipe down the chain. Ensure that you do not remove it from the sprocket. When the chain is clean, apply the lubricant on the inside to lubricate it, therefore, leading to a smooth performance when riding.


Change the motorcycle’s engine oil

Engine oil is necessary for a smooth running motorcycle. It helps to lubricate and cool down the engine when in use. The engine oil needs to be changed according to the manufacturer’s directions. You need an oil filter, a wrench, a funnel and a drip pan.

The first thing is to drain the oil from the engine into the drip pan. You can loosen a few bolts around the oil tank in order to perform the draining process. Once you drain the oil, you can inspect the oil filter. If it’s OK, you can replace it and refill the engine with new oil.

If it’s clogged, you need to purchase a new one and install it. Tighten all the necessary bolts to secure the oil filter and the tank. This will help the oil from dripping.


Inspect and change the spark plugs

The spark plugs are vital in a motorcycle’s engine as they help to spark the gas vapors, powering the engine. Spark plugs need to be changed according to manufacturer’s direction. You need to purchase the right spark plug for your motorcycle. You will need to remove the old ones and replace them with the new ones. This process usually takes a couple hours and it is advisable to¬†seek professional¬†help if you lack the required skills.