Contract Assassin 3D - Zombies

Integer Productions



Assassin Zombies is a zombie shooter game with a combination of action and unwilted graphics. Go on a headhunt and shoot the zombies and kill them to be the hero of the ultimate zombie assassin. This is a shooting sniper game that wins over the hearts of many action paced shooting lovers. The World is taken over by the undead, people are turning into zombies everywhere. Its is the undead frontier everywhere. Come participate in the battle for human survival and zombie annihilation. Pick up your weapon and kill the zombies. Multiple shooter missions and undead walking zombies to increase the thrill of the kill. Search and kill the zombies till you have secured the area free of zombies. All you have to do is to pull the trigger to kill the merciless, bloody zombies. Aim the zombies at their heads for an instant kill and see the head-shot effect. Upgrade your guns to the most powerful one and shoot these zombies courageously by head hunting them. This game wont let you down with different killing modes and an Auto fire option. Reload your gun, shoot the zombies and be a brave shooter and go where no man has dared to go before. Choose from a wide variety of guns and bullets to kill every undead zombie. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to face the vicious clash to show your strength. Turn your android phone into a battle field and snipe all your enemies with this FREE shooting game Game Features: * 3D Zombie shooting game. * Kill different kinds of zombies. * Powerful weapons ready for total elimination. * Easy pick Up and Playing controls on the screen. * Ravishing graphics with immersive quality sound. * Furious game play * Powerful Weapons to feel the realistic performance * Various challenges with high standard shooting levels * Highly detailed open world game environment * Realistic shooting effects. * Choose from G locks,Pistols,Sub Machine Guns, Automatic guns and Machine guns * FREE to play game How To Play : *Tap right icons to Shoot and Reload *Use left button to move around Find us on Facebook - YouTube - If you have any problem in installation, please report to us at We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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